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A Public Servant

             I am not a Politician.  I consider myself a Public Servant because I make decisions based on what is the best  for the people I serve, not on my next Election.  I believe that the following characteristics are important for a Public Servant:

  • Experience and Leadership - being prepared to make the most informed decisions for the community;
  • Honesty,  Integrity  -  being true to one's beliefs, to be open and forthright;
  • Independence - the ability to think for oneself, to research the answers before making decisions, to promote innovative and cost-effective solutions;
  • Well-meaning - to be there to do the best job for those you serve, not to better your political position;
  • Dedication - to be willing to give the necessary time and energy to achieve your goals.  My proven dedication to the Lake Musconetcong Regional Planning Board and the positive results of the Lake Musconetcong Community Association and our herbicide treatment improved the quality of life for our community;
  • Open and Available I will be available to the Public and give honest answers to your questions.

 As Stanhope Councilman I will be a Public Servant who will always research solutions and fight to obtain what is needed to control the tax burden, increase property values and improve living conditions in our community.

Douglas Zellman

Married to Susan Johnson Zellman, who grew up in Stanhope.

Three grown children:  two sons and one daughter.

Two grandsons, ages 6 and 1.